Pretty Lil Kitty Lea

Lea was my last ever Cat, she was a mongrel by all accounts, no real pedigree if cats even have pedigree’s like dogs, I don’t know.

We had Tiger and Sookie about 8 years before we brought home little Kitty Lea but they never really paid much attention to her, so she spent most her time following us around. Kitty even used to follow us around while we walked the Dogs she couldn’t bare to be away from us at all.

I miss having a little kitty around but I couldn’t bare losing another, we had planned to wait a while before we got another cat but instead my Mothers dogs got ill and then they died in a bad way so we was pet free for a while. My mother then decided she wanted a dog to keep her company instead so a cat was and still is off the cards. I really don’t know if I could bare getting close to another cat, they are such lovable and cuddly little things that you become so attached to them it almost breaks you heart just going to work leaving them.

I had planned on putting a simple website about each of my pets a few years ago Dumble Dog (An English Bulldog) Kitty Lea (Black Cat) and Barnimal (King Charles Spaniel), but poor Kitty died before I got around to it, and Dumble Dogs site has remained a mere front page since he was a lil puppy. Work commitments have meant things have been slow moving on the personal projects front.

This page is in tribute to my little Kitty Lea. I tend to donate to The Dogs Trust now via my E-bay auctions, and buy PDSA Raffle Tickets, my other donates to RSPCA, my sister to IFAW  so I thought this site should promote the Cats Protection League, as Kitty’s all over UK need looking after.

I will start uploading photo’s of Kitty and the other cats as soon as I have time to scan and them.